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  • Confetti Chic Deluxe Style Grab Bag - 10 items

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Confetti Chic Deluxe Style Grab Bag - 10 items

$ 110.00


Our Customer Favorite GRAB BAGS are back... but only for a LIMITED time! Once they are sold out, that's it!! bags can feature BuddyLove, Izzy, STR and/or Dear Apple, dresses, tops, Vest, accessories! 

Here's how it works:

- Confetti stylist will pull your history and match you with a new piece based on previous purchases.
- A new customer?! No worries... many of the styles included are onesies from best sellers and more!
- Anything that’s part of our Confetti Collection is up for grabs! 
- $100/$10 shipping 
- Limit 2 Grabs per customer!
- Will ship within 10 business days of ordering

- final sale item 
- Could include but not limited to Top, Sweater, Tunic, Dress, Piko, Tank ... and more!  Includes all seasons and accessories. 

- if you’ve purchased previous grabs we can not guarantee that you will not receive something you’ve gotten before in a grab. 

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